NEWS 2024


Dear participants,

Today the entire team involved in the organization of the Dynafit Andorra skimo met and after analyzing the situation of the state of the terrain and the forecast and meteorologist for the next ten days, much to our regret
We are obliged to CANCEL the event.

The snowfall forecasts in Andorra will not be enough to solve the lack of snow during the route and, above all, its safety cannot be guaranteed, putting participants and volunteers in danger.

The decision is very difficult to make, this would be the 8th edition and it is the first time that we have found ourselves in a situation like this, but we have a responsibility that we cannot ignore and we must remain firm that it is the best for everyone .

As we already informed you in the previous email sent on February 1, we are forced to make this decision today in order to be able to manage in time all the services of the test with third parties and the travel of the participants.

All participants will have 2 options with your registration:

- Postpone it to 2025 or request a refund of the registration.


Registration may be deferred and a 100% refund of accommodation, bus and accident insurance services may be requested. We recommend leaving the bus and accident insurance until 2025, otherwise all returned Services must be repurchased.

Option 2: Delay Registration and 100% refund of the hotel

Option 3: RETURN:

If you want to request a refund, 90% of the registration fee and 100% of the rest of the Services taken will be refunded. (except Protect Group)

The return cancels the registration definitively.

You can select one of the two options from 02/07/24 to 02/21/2024 both included.

All returns will be processed on 2/23/24 once the deadline has closed.

By default all registrations that have not been managed within this period will be postponed to 2025.

You can manage your registration at the following link:

with your Locator

Important if any participant wants to take advantage of the accommodation taken with the registration at the Panorama Hotel to also go up to spend the weekend week you have to inform us before Thursday 02/08/2024, in the organization's email: to save the booked Accommodation,

in this case you will not be able to request a refund of the accommodation.

If not communicated, all rooms will automatically be canceled on 02/08/24.

Thank you very much for your understanding and collaboration, see you in 2025!

Dynafit Andorra Skimo Organization.